Why Web App Testing is Crucial


With increasing number of users are accessing websites right on their smart mobile devices, it’s become more important for a business to optimize their web apps for mobile users. Each business at the same time have to thoroughly test their web application to make sure that it is delivering richer user experience regardless of the browsers or device used and on whatever condition.

While testing modern web apps, quality assurance professionals also need to address the related challenges to interoperability, integration, usability, security and performance as well. With this being said, the QA professionals have to follow simple practices in global  app testing more effectively. Following are some of it.

Number 1. Focus on cross browser compatibility testing – in this modern time, many different businesses are opting for a responsive web design in order to make their web apps deliver a richer UX or user-experience on every device it is opened to. The new approach is requiring programmers to make the websites they are working on to be responsive by utilizing open web technologies similar to JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Testers ought to see how their app runs on both the current and old versions of major browsers used today.

Number 2. Test every important element of the web app – while testing the web application, people in the QA are often focusing on its functionality, performance and features. But a business has to ask testers in order to evaluate every important element of the site aside from its performance and functionality. For example, the QA professionals need to evaluate key factors of web app including JavaScript, HTML validity, CSS, cookies, dead-links, windows resizing, browser refresh and security. Comprehensive testing makes sure that the website has rich UX.

Number 3. Evaluating how the app performs under different conditions – aside from evaluating the website’s stability and functionality, testers also have to make sure that it doesn’t crash especially under heavy load. At times, minor flaws in the code or design is negatively affecting the performance of the site. They can even make use of open source tools for load testing in order to review the performance of the apps on different load on server. Similarly, they repeatedly perform load testing to make sure that the website’s performance won’t be impacted by changes that are made into the code. That way, if there is, they can immediately fix it right then and there. Look up Global App Testing online to know more.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5Wi_70gJuc to know more about testing mobile applications.


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